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Loki Land is an interactive 3D world built on the Utherverse platform.
Once you download the free software and create a free account you will be able to visit any of the venues located in Loki Land that you see here on our site.
To experience the FULL interactiveness and features of Loki Land we encourage you to upgrade to VIP or UVIP Membership so that you get 100% access to everything, you can learn more by visiting our Why Upgrade page. You can find the link in the top menu-bar!

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Winter New Member Special

Posted by LokiLand On November - 5 - 2012




From now until Spring of 2013 Loki Land wants to give you a FREE Special Gift For Joining Loki Land!


All you need to do to claim your free gift is follow these 3 simple steps!

1) Click HERE and create your FREE Account in Loki Land Then click HERE to download our world viewer client.

2) Upgrade your account to a VIP or UVIP Member *Monthly charge of $20.00 USD for VIP or $29.99 for UVIP

3) Contact Loki3D to choose and claim your free property layout (Please make the subject: “2012 Winter New Member Special”)

Then Loki3D will contact you with info on how to pick from one of 17 high quality layouts from Loki Land Real Estate!
(Valued at $14 – $48 but yours 100% FREE with this special offer)

Before you upgrade why not create your FREE account in Loki Land point your world viewer to:  vww://utherverse.vww/@103292/@646521 to tour all of the property layouts you have to choose from (any of the BLACK Bordered Posters are yours to choose from)  Once you see them all and find the one you want THEN upgrade to VIP or UVIP, Contact Loki3D and tell him which layout you want!


This is Loki Land’s way of giving you just one more reason to upgrade your account to VIP or UVIP, and is our way of making sure you will enjoy your time in Loki Land that much more! But don’t forget what else you get as a VIP or UVIP member:

Unlimited access to VIP-only regions, content and features    
Private messenging    
Private apartment    
Access to the Property Catalog where you can rent properties and create your own worlds
Advanced Avatar Customization
Ability to participate in adults only situations   
VWW Population Capacity of 10 people    
Virtual Currency Transactions
Ability to earn ‘Rays’ (In world Virtual Currency)
Ability to work in world & make real money

UVIP members get all of the above PLUS these features:

Raises VWW Population Capacity to 25 people
Grants the member a “Universal VIP” pass
Unlocks the ability to purchase larger VWW Population Capacities
Additional VWW features such as advanced tools, stats, Ad discounts

Now The Fine Print / Rules:

You MUST meet each of these rules to be eligible
for your free property layout from Loki Land

1) This offer is ONLY open to first time accounts, current members of Loki Land or any other Utherverse Parent site are not eligible for this offer.

1b) Anyone who signed up to Loki Land prior to 11/5/2012 that is not YET a VIP or UVIP member IS eligible for this offer, as long as your account name appears in our Loki Land Member logs, to find out if you qualify as a current Loki Land member please Contact Loki3D for more information.

2) You MUST Join Loki Land via THIS LINK, and you MUST download the Loki Land client via THIS LINK

3) You must upgrade your account to either VIP or UVIP BEFORE you request your free property layout

4) Only one (1) free property may be claimed per account and per household, if you require more then one account per household please Contact Loki3D BEFORE making extra accounts for this offer.

5) All property layout transfers are final, no exchanges will be given under any circumstance, Please make sure you tour each demo before making your final selection.  you can see all of the available property layouts in world by copying and pasting the following address into your world viewer (Loki Land Client) vww://utherverse.vww/@103292/@646521  Once there visit any of the BLACK BORDERED Posters that feature the “Loki Land Real Estate” logo on the top right side of the posters.  This offer does NOT include any property layouts from “Splash Of Indigo”  or “St Designs”  These only include the property layouts from “Loki Land Real Estate”

Thanks for taking the time to read this offer and the rules, we hope to see you in Loki Land soon, and remember…..



Loki Land Mini Mall

Posted by LokiLand On March - 5 - 2012

Loki Land is made possible thanks to the support of our wonderful sponsors, and inside our mini mall you’ll get to see why we love them so much!

Inside each kiosk you’ll find FREE samples of their photo galleries, and videos as well as links to their membership tours. (And some sponsor kiosks also have free giveaways for you!)

If you like what you see in these kiosks make sure you become a member of their sites so you can get 100% access to all their great content!

Make sure you landmark the mini mall once you get there as the kiosks will change now and then so we can showcase all of our sponsors!

And if you’d like to be included as a sponsor please CONTACT LOKI for more information!

Already Signed up? then simply point your VWW Browser to: vww://utherverse.vww/@82721/@526476

Mini Mall Album

Posted by LokiLand On February - 15 - 2012

Support Loki Land by visiting and checking out our sponsor mall.

Sponsors Placeholder Post

Posted by LokiLand On January - 5 - 2012

This is a placeholder post for sponsors

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Winter New Member Special

Winter New Member Special

Posted by LokiLand
The Blimp

The Blimp

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The Hobbit Hole

The Hobbit Hole

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The Light House

The Light House

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The Rooftop

The Rooftop

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