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Loki Land is an interactive 3D world built on the Utherverse platform.
Once you download the free software and create a free account you will be able to visit any of the venues located in Loki Land that you see here on our site.
To experience the FULL interactiveness and features of Loki Land we encourage you to upgrade to VIP or UVIP Membership so that you get 100% access to everything, you can learn more by visiting our Why Upgrade page. You can find the link in the top menu-bar!

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Winter New Member Special

Posted by LokiLand On November - 5 - 2012




From now until Spring of 2013 Loki Land wants to give you a FREE Special Gift For Joining Loki Land!


All you need to do to claim your free gift is follow these 3 simple steps!

1) Click HERE and create your FREE Account in Loki Land Then click HERE to download our world viewer client.

2) Upgrade your account to a VIP or UVIP Member *Monthly charge of $20.00 USD for VIP or $29.99 for UVIP

3) Contact Loki3D to choose and claim your free property layout (Please make the subject: “2012 Winter New Member Special”)

Then Loki3D will contact you with info on how to pick from one of 17 high quality layouts from Loki Land Real Estate!
(Valued at $14 – $48 but yours 100% FREE with this special offer)

Before you upgrade why not create your FREE account in Loki Land point your world viewer to:  vww://utherverse.vww/@103292/@646521 to tour all of the property layouts you have to choose from (any of the BLACK Bordered Posters are yours to choose from)  Once you see them all and find the one you want THEN upgrade to VIP or UVIP, Contact Loki3D and tell him which layout you want!


This is Loki Land’s way of giving you just one more reason to upgrade your account to VIP or UVIP, and is our way of making sure you will enjoy your time in Loki Land that much more! But don’t forget what else you get as a VIP or UVIP member:

Unlimited access to VIP-only regions, content and features    
Private messenging    
Private apartment    
Access to the Property Catalog where you can rent properties and create your own worlds
Advanced Avatar Customization
Ability to participate in adults only situations   
VWW Population Capacity of 10 people    
Virtual Currency Transactions
Ability to earn ‘Rays’ (In world Virtual Currency)
Ability to work in world & make real money

UVIP members get all of the above PLUS these features:

Raises VWW Population Capacity to 25 people
Grants the member a “Universal VIP” pass
Unlocks the ability to purchase larger VWW Population Capacities
Additional VWW features such as advanced tools, stats, Ad discounts

Now The Fine Print / Rules:

You MUST meet each of these rules to be eligible
for your free property layout from Loki Land

1) This offer is ONLY open to first time accounts, current members of Loki Land or any other Utherverse Parent site are not eligible for this offer.

1b) Anyone who signed up to Loki Land prior to 11/5/2012 that is not YET a VIP or UVIP member IS eligible for this offer, as long as your account name appears in our Loki Land Member logs, to find out if you qualify as a current Loki Land member please Contact Loki3D for more information.

2) You MUST Join Loki Land via THIS LINK, and you MUST download the Loki Land client via THIS LINK

3) You must upgrade your account to either VIP or UVIP BEFORE you request your free property layout

4) Only one (1) free property may be claimed per account and per household, if you require more then one account per household please Contact Loki3D BEFORE making extra accounts for this offer.

5) All property layout transfers are final, no exchanges will be given under any circumstance, Please make sure you tour each demo before making your final selection.  you can see all of the available property layouts in world by copying and pasting the following address into your world viewer (Loki Land Client) vww://utherverse.vww/@103292/@646521  Once there visit any of the BLACK BORDERED Posters that feature the “Loki Land Real Estate” logo on the top right side of the posters.  This offer does NOT include any property layouts from “Splash Of Indigo”  or “St Designs”  These only include the property layouts from “Loki Land Real Estate”

Thanks for taking the time to read this offer and the rules, we hope to see you in Loki Land soon, and remember…..




Posted by LokiLand On August - 22 - 2012

Feeling like a wild time? then head over to Loki Land’s Purrfection Strip Club!

Featuring pole dance stages throughout the venue, semi private and public dance areas, located right off the main strip of the Loki Land City

During off nights (and days) you can enjoy our 24 hour comedy stream, free mini arcade and dance area.

Ladies, Think you got what it takes to keep the crowd in their seats and tossing the tips? Then hit the stage and show the crowd what you got! All Dancers at Purrfection are eligible for free entry to ALL of our custom theme rooms!

Already Signed up? then simply point your VWW Browser to: vww://utherverse.vww/@95651/@602670

WLOK Radio Station

Posted by LokiLand On August - 22 - 2012

Loki Land Welcomes you to our Radio Station WLOK, here Tues-Sat nights from 9pm – 1am EST you may find Loki3D simulcasting to clubs in Loki Land, so make sure you send him your requests!

If you’re already a member of Loki Land simply point your client to: vww://utherverse.vww/@82721/@533494

Loki Land City

Posted by LokiLand On June - 28 - 2012

Loki Land welcomes you to our City / Starting point,  Each time you launch the Loki Land Client you will first land in our city, from the city you can explore and access all of our main locations as well as our recommended spots that belong to our friends from around the Utherverse.

While you’re in the city you can hang out with friends, party, and even find some naughty places to have some ‘fun’ in!

Current members of the Utherverse will find the Loki Land City very familiar, and will enjoy ‘roof jumping’ and exploring unseen parts of the city.

If you’re NOT already a member of Loki Land simply point your client to: vww://utherverse.vww/@82721/Alley

Current members and VIP Members of Loki Land simply launch your Loki Land client and you’ll land in the city, OR click on the home icon at the top left of your screen to return to the city.

Loki Land Mall

Posted by LokiLand On June - 28 - 2012

Loki Land welcomes you to our giant shopping mall,  inside the 4 story mall you will find the best of the best of clothing designers, decorators, property sellers, dj’s, clubs and much more! Explore all the floors of the mall and once you need a break from shopping make sure you head to the the roof to hang out on our spacious rooftop mall walker club!

Throughout the month you can catch special events held both inside the mall as well as on the roof where our VIP Members can win great prizes and take part in games & contests!

If you currently have a business inside the Utherverse we have storefront rentals available, please check out our RENTAL DIRECTORY for more information on locations and pricing.

If you’re already a member of Loki Land simply point your client to: vww://utherverse.vww/@82721/mall

And don’t forget VIP Members have even MORE to see and do at the Loki Land Mall so make sure you UPGRADE TODAY!

Loki Land Lagoon

Posted by LokiLand On June - 28 - 2012

Loki Land Welcomes you to our beautiful Lagoon, No matter if you want to hang out in the lobby and view the marine life (and other people) swim with the fishes, or explore the caves and hot springs, or dance the night away with friends  you’ll find the Lagoon to be one of your favorite spots in Loki Land!

If you’re already a member of Loki Land simply point your client to: vww://utherverse.vww/@89100/@594622

And don’t forget VIP Members have even MORE to see and do at The Lagoon so make sure you UPGRADE TODAY!

Loki Land After Dark

Posted by LokiLand On June - 28 - 2012


Loki Land Welcomes you to our live concert venue AFTER DARK! Each month you can catch a one of a kind night of rock with the multiple award winning “Impersonators” band!  If you are a VIP Member you can sign up and take part in our special events ‘Loki Land Idol’  ‘Loki Land Talent’ & And The Loki Land Gong Show!

These special events will spotlight all the unique talents that our members want to show off!  and winners will win prizes and fame beyond belief* (fame beyond belief is not guaranteed but FUN is)

If you’re already a member of Loki Land simply point your client to: vww://utherverse.vww/@92175/@587684

And don’t forget ONLY  VIP Members Can sign up for our special event contests at Loki Land After Dark, so make sure you UPGRADE TODAY!


Posted by LokiLand On June - 28 - 2012

Loki Land welcomes you to our state of the art Arcade ‘JOYSTICKS’ ! Featuring a total of 135 flash games Joysticks is the LARGEST Arcade in all of the Utherverse, And thanks to our custom game modules there is NO LAG inside our arcade!

If you are looking for even more fun, Joysticks also  features a black light dance club with tunes spun by Live DJ’s on special FREE EVENT days (Check the calender for dates) On those FREE EVENT DAYS everyone can enter Joysticks FREE OF CHARGE! (Other days there is a 6 ray cover per 24 hours)

If you’re already a member of Loki Land simply point your client to: vww://utherverse.vww/@82721/joysticks

And don’t forget Some days you MUST be a VIP Member To access Joysticks so make sure you UPGRADE TODAY!

Club Flash

Posted by LokiLand On June - 28 - 2012

Loki Land would like to welcome you to our Sheik Night time hot spot ‘Club Flash’  Set in the heart of Loki Land Club Flash boast more then just a hot night club!

Explore and party on the street, or hang out inside  the huge club, giant dance floor, and live music 5 nights a week are waiting for you!

If you’re already a member of Loki Land simply point your client to: vww://utherverse.vww/@86042/@546886

And don’t forget VIP Members have even MORE to see and do at Club Flash so make sure you UPGRADE TODAY!

Club Splash

Posted by LokiLand On May - 1 - 2012

Loki Land is pleased to unveil our latest large club venue “Club Splash” This breathtaking property is SURE to become the favorite of all who visit!

From the moment you land on the sprawling beach you know you’ve just found paradise, as you stroll down the beach you’ll find semi private cabanas, the DJ booth, and tons of ‘toys’ our VIP guests can take advantage of.

On the other side of the beach you’ll find the high rise cabanas that lead to a giant working waterslide!  Shoot down the waterslide and you’ll land in the deepest swimming waters in all of the Utherverse.

Explore the 2 levels of water stocked with wonderful aquatic life, and journey down into the shark cave and explore the many caves and giant sea life who call the caves their home.

Once your done exploring the waters, swim over to the back of the 4 story yacht and climb aboard for a night of music, dancing, great company and more!

When you first reach the yacht, climb the stairs and enter our meeting area with dance areas, stripper stage and plenty of seating for all.

Down the left hallway you’ll discover our VIP Only “Play Room” and down the right hallway you’ll find the stairs to the captains quarters.

The 2nd floor features a night club area with dance areas and a bar (as well as a mini chip casino) walk through the club and explore the wheel house.

The top floor features a huge hot tub, more dance areas and even more seating areas for those who just want to sit back and enjoy the scenery and sounds of our island club.

If you’re already a member of Loki Land simply point your client to: vww://utherverse.vww/@89100/@500822

And don’t forget VIP Members have even MORE to see and do at Club splash so make sure you UPGRADE TODAY!

Loki Land Waterfront Locations

Posted by LokiLand On April - 15 - 2012

Looking for some fun in the sun, and refreshing water spots?  Loki Land has the hottest waterfront locations that you are sure to love! stop by our waterfront portal today (and landmark it) for a one stop portal to all 9 of our top waterfront locations

Check out places like our Underwater Condo,  Party Beach,  Submarine, Light House,  The Boardwalk,  Casa Del Loki Mansion,  Riverboat Casino, Mermaid’s Cove And the Cliffside.

VIP Members can also take advantage of our custom sex bots located (or hidden) in most of the above locations.

Already a member of Loki Land? then simply point your VWW Browser to: vww://utherverse.vww/@82721/@541899

Loki Land Travel Agency

Posted by LokiLand On April - 15 - 2012

Loki Land features some of the hottest travel spots you’ll ever see!  If you’re ready to have some fun and explore simply stop by the Loki Land Travel Agency and pick one of our many travel destinations!

Each travel spot costs only 5 rays for a 24 hour pass,  so make sure you stop by often and check out ALL of our travel spots!

New spots will be added soon so make sure you landmark and check back to see what we’ve added!

Already a member of Loki Land?  then just point your VWW Browser to: vww://utherverse.vww/@82721/@559478

Loki Land Board Walk

Posted by LokiLand On April - 15 - 2012

Loki Land invites you to come to the Boardwalk, down by the sea, but never mind the blanket, as there are plenty of sights to see!

Down the main strip you’ll find storefronts to some of the hot spots of Loki Land as well as our friends hot spots, take a swim in the water and see the marine life, or just jam on the pier on our sound stage.

and if you’re looking for a party, then make sure you check out our tiki club located at the end of the boardwalk, just click on the door to port behind the building and dance and party with your friends!


Posted by LokiLand On April - 15 - 2012

“These Are The Girls You’re Mother Warned You About!”

Loki Land has unleashed HELL upon the Utherverse with this 3 story nightclub / brothel.

When you first enter the venue, your smack dab in the middle of hell, complete with fire geysers, lave rock and giant dancing fire demons, once you find your feet, walk straight forward (don’t worry, the ground is much more stable then it looks) and make your way into the main floor of the club.

IF you happen to fall into the lava bed below, just look for one of the Red Doors scattered around, clicking on the doors will port you right to the front door of the club (BUT if you end up down there, explore a bit before you escape as we have hidden some things to play with around the lava bed.

The main floor of Hellkatz features a dance floor, stripper stage and kinky sex toys

The 2nd floor is our VIP Member brothel that features 15 themed sex rooms (to use the rooms there is a cover charge of 10 rays for 24 hours,  you can see photo samples of each room in the Photo Galleries section)

The 3rd floor is our “Look Out” area where you can observe all the sights that hell has to offer.

HellKatz will be opening soon and runs Tues – Saturday nights from 9pm Est – 1am Est and features DJ_Mr._Myth spinning the ‘hottest’ tunes and taking YOUR song requests!

Check out some photos of our “Pre-Launch Party” Held Last Saturday by clicking HERE

Loki Land Auction House

Posted by LokiLand On April - 15 - 2012

Come one come all to the Loki Land Auction House!

Three days a week you’ll find some of the best sellers from the Utherverse all gathered into the most advanced auction house!

Featuring three live video screens, you can SEE what is being sold in real time!  see walkthroughs of layouts and properties, showrooms and stores,  see clothing from all angles no matter where you’re seated!

If YOU have something to sell, the auction house only takes a 10% cut of sales, that’s the CHEAPEST of all the auction houses in the Utherverse!

Auctions run every week Weds at 6pm Est,  Thursday night / Friday morning at 4:20am and Friday nights at 10pm est.

The venue is also available for lease to hold your own auctions please contact __Damaged__SoI  or Indigo_SoI for more details.

Riverboat Casino

Posted by LokiLand On March - 27 - 2012

When you’re ready to try your luck and win big, then it’s time to head down the pier to the Loki Land Riverboat Casino!

Featuring 3 floors of fun and games that will surly give you hours of fun and entertainment!

First Floor: Casino featuring slots and table games.

Second Floor: State rooms, to rest and relax (or to have some down and dirty fun with that special someone)

Third Floor: Dancing and dining area.

And if you’re a lonely VIP Guest of Loki Land we did not forget about you, you can take advantage (and let loose) with our special Sex Bots!

Already Signed up? then simply point your VWW Browser to: vww://utherverse.vww/@82721/@540434

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Winter New Member Special

Winter New Member Special

Posted by LokiLand
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The Blimp

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The Hobbit Hole

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The Light House

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